The Drops

Three collaborations with The Drops Collection

Experiment Z9T5

VFX Experiment by Zinkete and Tulygraf

The subject of the experiment has recorded a suppuration of Pöpper Ballongërs in a relatively high state of happiness.
These balls have exploded creating a series of synchronized explosions, returning the test subject to its initial state.
This effect has created an exciting, dramatic but fun atmosphere.

The experiment was carried out by Mr Tulygraf @vfx_tuly in the simulation and VFX department and designed , modeled and textured by me in the character design department.

Xiclet Brut

Xiclet Brut a.k.a. Dirty Bubblegum a.k.a. Chiclecomiomierda it’s a mutant creature, a living monster colony, and a pink madness from another dimension.

Astro Cabesita

Astro Cabesita is a floating head floating in space