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  • The Drops

    The Drops

    Three collaborations with The Drops Collection Experiment Z9T5 VFX Experiment by Zinkete and Tulygraf The subject of the experiment has recorded a suppuration of Pöpper Ballongërs in a relatively high state of happiness.These balls have exploded creating a series of synchronized explosions, returning the test subject to its initial state.This effect has created an exciting,…

  • LabRats


    Deep in the Characters Lab basement, a renegade group of Lab Technicians have been breading 5.555 genetically modified LabRats Some turned out cute, others less so. All of them are infected with TOXIN Special LabRats Cute LabRats Infected LabRats Toxic LabRats LabRats Technicians Astro LabRats Costumes Ninja LabRats Robot LabRats Baseball LabRats Xmas LabRats New…

  • The Mvtxnts

    The Mvtxnts

    Welcome to MVTXNTVILLE, home to 6,666 MVTXNTS slurping down Juice Bear DNA Bull DNA Bunny DNA Frog DNA Unknowm DNA Animated Stickers Emojis Sketches

  • Class of 3022

    Class of 3022

    Welcome to Hoppler – Maff University. The most prestigious university located in GN-z11 Galaxy, a meeting point for all kinds of living forms coming from all over different places around the Universe.This yearbook showcases the most prominent and distinguished students from the campus in their respective areas, as well as their thoughts and some useful…

  • Dark Side of the Moon 3023

    Dark Side of the Moon 3023

    Once a year, a Cosmic Alignment occurs when every Star and Planet around the galaxy align in a cosmic dance.It creates an exceptional event that opens a dimensional gate on the dark side of the Moon, connecting our world with other realms of existence. Beings from all over the Universe come to the Moon for…

  • Sound of Saturn 3024

    Sound of Saturn 3024

    Prepare for an extraordinary cosmic celebration at the Sound of Saturn Festival 3023.The melodies of the Universe converge on the enchanting rings of Saturn, and its moons Titan, Rhea, Iapetus, Dione, Tethys, and Enceladus serve as our stages.Let the music of the cosmos envelop you in an inspiring fusion of sounds under the shimmering Saturnian…

  • 3021 Most Wanted

    3021 Most Wanted

    Year 3021. You have an incoming message in your intercommunication system from the Intergalactic High-Security Prison located in CyGen Asteroid, the center of the galaxy Lambda YZ-353.A new mission has been assigned to you as Level A++ Bounty Hunter. After a mysterious electricity blackout, a riot has started by 4 of the most dangerous villains…